Finncons through the ages

Finncon 2010 is the sixteenth Finncon to be organized.

  • Finncon 86 (Helsinki, 23–25 May 1986)
    The first Finncon ever and the last one with membership fees. The program was a success, the finances were a catastrophe. Several hundred visitors in two days at the Old Student House. The Guest of Honour was Brian Aldiss.
  • Finncon 89 (Helsinki, 12–13 August 1989)
    The first Finncon as it is now: free of charge. About 3000 visitors at the Old Student House in two days! Organized by the Helsinki Science Fiction Society together with the Science Fiction Club of the University of Helsinki and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The Guests of Honour were John Brunner (RIP) and Tom Ölander (RIP), “the father of organized science fiction fandom in Finland”. The Dead Dog Party was memorable.
  • Finncon 91 (Helsinki, 10–11 August 1991)
    The Guest of Honour was Iain M. Banks. The party at the New Student House was even better. About 4000 visitors.
  • Finncon 93 (Helsinki, 7–8 August 1993)
    A massive happening — 4000 visitors crowded into the Old Student House. The Guests of Honour were Terry Pratchett (Tely Platsett) and comic artist Brian Talbot. Awesome party at the Horror Club. The Finnish Comics Society participated in the organization.
  • Finncon 95 (Jyväskylä, 17–18 June 1995)
    Mainly organized by Jyväskylä Summer and the Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society 42, the Helsinki Science Fiction Society participated in program planning and dispensed good advice. The Guests of Honour were Bruce Sterling, Vonda McIntyre and the lovely Storm Constantine. A surprisingly successful and versatile event with over 2000 visitors.
  • Finncon 97 (Helsinki, 16–17 August 1997)
    Ian McDonald conquered us, Norman Spinrad knocked us out. Huge evening party and thousands of visitors (5000–6000).
  • Finncon 1999 (Turku, 14–15 August 1999)
    The Guests of Honour were Connie Willis and Philip Pullman, and the Fan GOH was Ahrvid Engholm. The main organizer was the Turku Science Fiction Society, and Animecon was organized for the first time as part of Finncon. About 3000 visitors.
  • Millennium Finncon (Helsinki, 18–20 August 2000)
    Held at Lasipalatsi together with the Finnish Comics Society and the Foundation of the Helsinki City of Culture. The Guests of Honour were Neil Gaiman, Stephen Baxter, and Ken MacLeod. About 3500 visitors, 10,000 together with the Comics Festival.
  • Finncon–Baltcon 2001 (Jyväskylä, 14–15 July 2001)
    Organized in cooperation with Jyväskylä Summer. The literary Guests of Honour were Jonathan Carroll, David Langford, and Johanna Sinisalo. Computer wizard Richard Stallman and artist Stelarc also attracted crowds. The Fan GOH was Ahrvid Engholm. Over 2000 visitors.
  • Finncon X (Turku, 1–3 August 2003)
    The tenth Finncon was also Eurocon 2003 & Baltcon 2003. A second Animecon was also organized in connection with Finncon. The Guests of Honour were Michael Swanwick, Steve Sansweet, Boris Hurtta, Karolina Bjällerstedt Mickos, and Jonathan Clements. The Fan GOH was Bjørn Tore Sund. About 4000 visitors.
  • Finncon ‘04 (10–11 July 2004)
    In cooperation with Jyväskylä Summer. The Guests of Honour were Gwyneth Jones, Robin Hobb, Toni Jerrman, and John Clute, as well as the Animecon GOH, artist yoshitoshi Abe, all the way from Japan. The GOHs and the program attracted so many people that the main building of the University of Jyväskylä was stuffed full; the total number of visitors during two days was about 4000.
  • Finncon 2006 (Helsinki, 18–20 August 2006)
    The Guests of Honour were Jeff VanderMeer, Justina Robson, Risto Isomäki, and Rickard Berghorn. Paasitorni was filled to capacity and more. Friday saw 500 visitors, Saturday 5000, and Sunday 3500.
  • Finncon 2007 (Jyväskylä, 14–15 July 2007)
    In cooperation with Jyväskylä Summer. The Guests of Honour were Ellen Datlow, Joe Haldeman, Elizabeth Hand, Cheryl Morgan, and Ben Roimola. Additional guests at the con included Gay Haldeman, Jonathan Clements, and John & Judith Clute. About 7000 visitors.
  • Finncon 2008 (Tampere, 26–27 July 2008)
    The Guests of Honour were M. John Harrison, Farah Mendlesohn, Charles Vess, Petri Hiltunen, and Ms. Mandu and the number of visitors was 7000–8000.
  • Finncon 2009 (Helsinki, 10–12 July 2009)
    The Guests of Honour were George R.R. Martin and Alastair Reynolds, Animecon’s GOH was Jari Lehtinen, and the academic GOH was Adam Roberts. This three-day Finncon and Animecon was the biggest ever, totalling about 15,000 visitors in three days.