Finncon 2010 digs down to the roots of science fiction and fantasy. Why was Avatar the greatest blockbuster of all time? Why do sexy vampires and Transformer robots attract people time and time again? Why do the superheroes Superman and Batman always strike a nerve? Why did Harry Potter change the reader’s world? Why does every other drama series aimed at an adult audience contain elements of fantasy? What on earth is happening?

Finncon, the largest science fiction and fantasy event in the Nordic countries, tackles the most interesting field of fiction by examining its historical roots and the way it is spreading to all types of culture. Space travel, monsters, and gods with superpowers have had cultural influence long before Western culture. They have become an overpowering element in movies, TV series, and comics. Many people do not know, however, that science fiction and fantasy can be found also in the visual arts, opera and heavy rock, and poetry and theatre in addition to the traditional prose. And that it was science fiction specifically that brought anime and manga to Finland.

Finncon’s overseas Guests of Honour are Pat Cadigan (UK), called the queen of cyberpunk, and Ellen Kushner, one of the top names in fantasy literature. Kushner’s novel Thomas the Rhymer has won both the World Fantasy and the Mythopoeic Awards, and the Finnish translation of the book has won the Tähtivaeltaja Award as the year’s best translated science fiction or fantasy book. Pat Cadigan for her part has received the Arthur C. Clarke Award, among others, for her novels Fools and Synners.

Finncon’s domestic Guest of Honour is writer Sari Peltoniemi, one of the leading names in Finnish fantastic literature and recipient of the Kuvastaja Award. The fan GOH is professor emerita Liisa Rantalaiho, an expert in the field of Finnish science fiction and its research.

At Finncon, you can follow nearly a hundred programme items and find related publications, as well as meetings of Finnish science fiction and fantasy clubs, fans, and other significant people, not to mention the science fiction researchers’ meeting specifically organized in connection with Finncon. There is also an exhibition of projects by international moviemakers generated around the makers of Star Wreck.

Wreckamovie presents movies, trailers, storyboards, behind-the-scenes-presentations, and posters.

In 2010, Animecon is not organized in connection with Finncon, but the programme includes items on the themes of manga and anime.

Finncon’s main organizer is the Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society 42 together with Finncon-yhdistys ry. The event is held from 16 to 18 July 2010 at the main building of the University of Jyväskylä. No admission fee!