Code of Conduct


The Finnish law and this code of conduct are to be followed during Finncon to ensure safety. As a rule of thumb, using common sense will get you far. Please inform the security personnel or the organizers of Finncon (at the info desk) of any accidents, disturbances or other problems as soon as possible.

The instructions of the security personnel, the convention organizers and other authorities (the police, fire dept. etc.) are to be followed at all times. If a person does not follow the instructions or causes disturbance at the convention, security has the right to remove this person from the event.

About hallways and staircases

Do not block the hallways or the staircases. To avoid any dangerous situations, sitting on the stairs is prohibited.

Props and weapon replicas

It is prohibited to bring any kind of weapons or items resembling weapons to the event. These items include airsoft guns, other weapon replicas, decorative swords, all blades and all items which can be considered a weapon or resemble a weapon. Please note that there is no cloakroom for these items in the area.

The rules about weaponry and items resembling them are strict. The decision is based on the 10th article of the Public Order Act in which it is stated that weapons and items resembling weapons are not allowed in public places. We also want to organize a safe con for everyone.

Alcohol and other intoxicating substances

It is prohibited to drink alcohol or use other intoxicating substances in the area or in the proximity of the event. However, it is permitted to buy alcohol from the cafeteria on the first floor and to drink the drinks in the bar area. The security has the right to confiscate alcohol and other intoxicating substances from visitors and if needed remove the person from the area. Substance abuse by underage visitors can be reported to the police, if the security personnel deems it necesary.


Smoking is prohibited indoors, near the entrances and other places marked with no smoking signs. Smoking is allowed at assigned places. Please make sure to use the ashtrays in the area.

About the consite

Littering, messing or breaking the consite is prohibited. Please note that there are areas which are restricted from visitors and entry is not allowed. It is prohibited to touch the covered appliances or furniture or to move the furniture obstructing the entry to an area.

Due to the wishes of the Aalto estate, which is responsible for the administration of the university buildings, it is prohibited to attach advertisements, notices or other papers or items to the walls. If you would like to advertise your event at Finncon, please contact the info desk.


The aim of this code of conduct is not to prevent or restrain having fun at the event. However, not all restricted or prohibited activities are mentioned in this code of conduct. Please use common sense when visiting Finncon.