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Science fiction and research

Pat Cadigan, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman

On writing

Pat Cadigan, Ellen Kushner

Introduction to Mannerpunk

Fantasy of Manners panel: What is Fantasy of Manners? Is it comedy? Is it humour?
Kati Clements (chair), Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman

GoH Speech: Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner sings ballads, reads from Thomas the Rhymer, and is interviewed by Cheryl Morgan

Nimikirjoitustilaisuus: Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner signeeraa kirjoja kustantajien myyntipöydän luona.
Ellen Kushner book signing at the publishers’ table.

Reading: Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner reads.

Kaffeeklatch: Ellen Kushner

Come meet Ellen Kushner over a cup of coffee at the restaurant Sohwi. Signup in advance at the info desk.

Dreaming of reality

Ellen Kushner, Pat Cadigan, Cheryl Morgan