Literature has always been central to Finncon, and this year is no exception to this tradition. Panels and lectures cover subjects from the gateway theory of young adult literature to Finnish fairy tale novels, from adult fantasy to classic vampire stories and paleofiction. Finnish writers present include, in addition to Guest of Honour Sari Peltoniemi, also Carita Forsgren, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen, Juha-Pekka Koskinen, Eija Lappalainen, J Pekka Mäkelä, Tiina Raevaara, Vesa Sisättö, M.G. Soikkeli, Miina Supinen, and Ulla Viertola. During the Finncon weekend, the Atorox and Tähtifantasia awards are presented and the winners of the Nova and Usva short story competitions are announced.

150 years of Finnish science fiction

Finnish science fiction turned 150 this year. The first part of the serial story “Simeon Lewis resa till Finland år 5,870 efter werldens skapelse, efter de kristnes tideräkning det 1,900:de” [Simeon Lewis’ journey to Finland in the year 5870 after the creation of the world, or the year 1900 by the Christian calendar] by Zacharias Topelius was published in the Helsingfors Tidingar newspaper on April 24, 1860. The special year of Finnish science fiction is acknowledged in Finncon’s theme and programme.


Rock, opera, filks! This sums up the musical treats in store for the weekend. Filks or familiar songs with new lyrics are a traditional Finncon activity. The nature of rock is definitively determined, and we also consider what opera has to offer for friends of science fiction and fantasy.

Visual arts

For fans of the visual – comics, films, and TV series – Finncon has a lot to see. How does Rosa use different fantasy worlds and elements of the fantastic in her comics? What kind of opportunities do webcomics offer? Iron Sky makes an introduction, and science fiction fans can now find out which scifi anime films are worth seeing. Is Avatar a good or bad movie? Why are mundanes taking over our science fiction? The visual theme also includes two lectures on the relationship between the visual arts and fantasy. Wreckamovie programming also runs throughout the weekend at Ilokivi.

Myths & blood

Finnish folklore contains mythical creatures for researchers to take note of and writers to use. There is also something on the programme for friends of vampires: the burst of vampire revival in literature and the media is analyzed. Book tips focus on vampire books, both new works and classics. And zombies are not forgotten!


Workshops, humour, swordsmanship demonstration, horror in the cellar, meets, masquerade, etc.