Ellen Kushner

Ellen KushnerEllen Kushner is an American fantasy multitalent, writer, performer, and storyteller. She hosts the popular Sound & Spirit program on the PRI radio station. Ellen is also a well-known teacher and lecturer. Her novel Thomas the Rhymer — Thomas Riiminiekka was published in Finnish in 2008 by Vaskikirjat. Her best-known works include The Fall of the Kings, Swordspoint, a Melodrama of Manners and The Privilege of the Sword (Riverside series). Her books have been nominated for the Nebula Award for best novel, among others. The Privilege of the Sword won the Locus for best novel in 2007, and Thomas the Rhymer won the World Fantasy Award and the Mythopoeic Award.

“Kushner is great at changing viewpoints… The price for beautiful ballads is a constant feeling of otherness and strangeness.” —Marja Salomaa, Metro 15 December 2008

“In Kushner’s hands, the traditional narrative of character development has been completely reconstructed. The story of the Rhymer is human and thoughtful… The readers of kick-ass fantasy should read at least one book like this in their life.” —Janne Kemppi, Spin 1/2009

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