150 år av finlandssvensk fantastik

17. July 2004

Finlandssvensk fantastik är inte bara Jansson; även bl.a. Carpelan, Mazzarella, Parland och Topelius har skrivit science fiction eller fantasy.
Ben Roimola (ordf.), Kenneth Lindholm, Petri Salin, Vilgot Strömsholm

Soviet Space Probes on Venus. The Venera and Vega Programmes

17. July 2004

The achievements of the Soviet civilian space programme in the time after Yuri Gagarin’s flight are not well known in the West. Nevertheless, the Soviet engineers constructed a large number of space probes with many destinations, chief among them Venus. Ultimately the surface of Venus was photographed in situ in spite of its 90 atmospheres [...]