Dreaming of reality

18. July 2004

Ellen Kushner, Pat Cadigan, Cheryl Morgan

GoH Speech: Pat Cadigan

18. July 2004

Pat Cadigan speaks and is interviewed by Cheryl Morgan

How to Run a Masquerade

17. July 2004

Cat ears, capes and cyborgs coming at you — what to do now?
Cheryl Morgan

GoH Speech: Ellen Kushner

17. July 2004

Ellen Kushner sings ballads, reads from Thomas the Rhymer, and is interviewed by Cheryl Morgan

Cyberpunk roots

17. July 2004

How has cyberpunk changed as technologies have evolved over the last 30 years? Do we still yearn to read cyberpunk? How has the audience changed? How has the world changed?
Cheryl Morgan (chair), Pat Cadigan, Toni Jerrman, Juha Tupasela, Tanja Sihvonen

Hugo discussion

16. July 2004

11.30–13.00 Our panel of experts discusses this year’s nominees for the Hugo award.
Cheryl Morgan, Jukka Halme, Tommy Persson, Marianna Leikomaa