Wreckamovie Exhibition & Movies

At Ilokivi, 10AM to 8 PM. Free admission.
Esitykset ja näyttely Ilokivessä klo 10.00–18.30. Vapaa pääsy.
Exhibition Upstairs: 1000–18:30 The Wreckamovie exhibition on the upper floor featuring photos, props, posters and other items from WAM and related productions. It’s a chance to meet WAM producers and members in person, and have a chat over a cup of coffee.
Saturday [...]


Juhlalliset avajaiset / Grand opening

Soviet Space Probes on Venus. The Venera and Vega Programmes

The achievements of the Soviet civilian space programme in the time after Yuri Gagarin’s flight are not well known in the West. Nevertheless, the Soviet engineers constructed a large number of space probes with many destinations, chief among them Venus. Ultimately the surface of Venus was photographed in situ in spite of its 90 atmospheres [...]

Introduction to Mannerpunk

Fantasy of Manners panel: What is Fantasy of Manners? Is it comedy? Is it humour?
Kati Clements (chair), Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman

Cyberpunk roots

How has cyberpunk changed as technologies have evolved over the last 30 years? Do we still yearn to read cyberpunk? How has the audience changed? How has the world changed?
Cheryl Morgan (chair), Pat Cadigan, Toni Jerrman, Juha Tupasela, Tanja Sihvonen

GoH Speech: Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner sings ballads, reads from Thomas the Rhymer, and is interviewed by Cheryl Morgan

Nimikirjoitustilaisuus: Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner signeeraa kirjoja kustantajien myyntipöydän luona.
Ellen Kushner book signing at the publishers’ table.

Reading: Pat Cadigan

Con presentation / Conit esittäytyvät

Eurocon 2011 organizers tell about their convention.
Finncon 2011 esittäytyy.
Finncon 2012 -järjestäjäehdokkaat (Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo ja Kuu) esittäytyvät ja perustelevat, miksi juuri heitä pitäisi äänestää.

Kaffeeklatch: Pat Cadigan

Come meet Pat Cadigan over a cup of coffee at the restaurant Sohwi. Signup in advance at the info desk.

How to Run a Masquerade

Cat ears, capes and cyborgs coming at you — what to do now?
Cheryl Morgan