Programme published

Finncon offers a lot of programming during the weekend. We start on Friday at Kirjailijatalo, where there will be discussions on literature and writing. The main event takes place on Saturday and Sunday at the University main building. This year’s themes include ‘roots’ (Finnish sf 150 years), ‘myths’, ‘blood’, ‘music’, etc.
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Delia Sherman at Finncon

At Finncon this summer, you can also meet GoH Ellen Kushner’s wife, the American fantasy writer and editor Delia Sherman. In addition to her literary career, she has taught science fiction and fantasy writing. Her novel The Porcelain Dove won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in 1994, and she is a founding member of The Interstitial [...]

Traditional Finncon masquerade

Registration for the Finncon masquerade is now open! The deadly serious but playful masquerade is organized on Saturday, 17 July. The actual presentation of outfits takes place at the con from 5.40 to 6 p.m., and the prizes are awarded at the evening party at 8 p.m. (If the winners are underage, prizes are awarded [...]

Ellen Kushner in PodCastle

Our Guest of Honour Ellen Kushner’s short story Honored Guest has been published in the PodCastle podcast where you can listen to it or download it as an mp3.

History of board games at the con

This year, Finncon’s board game department returns to its roots to the history of card and board games. Classics from decades, centuries, and millennia back, and naturally also their modern descendants, are on display and ready to be played. Come to hear and experience where these games have come from and where they are going.
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Finnish translation of Pat Cadigan’s Mindplayers published at Finncon

Mindplayers (Mielenpeli), the first novel by Finncon’s Guest of Honour Pat Cadigan to be translated into Finnish, is published at Finncon. The book is published by Avain and translated by Matti Rosvall.
For more information: Tero Norkola, 0400 882 700

Finncon Banners

If you want to advertise Finncon on your web page, our info page has a couple of banners you can use. There is also a flyer for Finncon for printing out and giving to your friends.

Pat Cadigan Short Story Online

Pat Cadigan’s short story The Taste of Night has been published on Marty Halpern’s blog to celebrate the anthology Is Anybody Out There, edited by Halpern and Nick Gevers. The story was published in three parts, the first, second, and third are now all online.

Finncon Accommodation Deals

Our accommodation page features several accommodation package deals for Finncon visitors. There are many events in Jyväskylä in the summer, so make sure to book your room well in advance!

Science Fiction Flea Market

Finncon 2010 will yet again boast a flea market chock full of speculative fiction.
Finncon will take care of the selling, so book sellers do not have to spend their time behind the counter. For sales realized, Finncon charges a nominal fee of 10 cents + 10 % to cover maintenance costs.
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