Traditional Finncon masquerade

Registration for the Finncon masquerade is now open! The deadly serious but playful masquerade is organized on Saturday, 17 July. The actual presentation of outfits takes place at the con from 5.40 to 6 p.m., and the prizes are awarded at the evening party at 8 p.m. (If the winners are underage, prizes are awarded directly after the presentation of the outfits.) The venue is Restaurant Lozzi, located behind the main building of the university. Playback and microphones are also available, as well as dressing rooms. Playback music should be provided on CD (you should have it available on the day, you don’t need to mail it in advance). Note: you don’t need to know Finnish in order to participate — the proceedings can also be done in English.

If you want to enter the masquerade, please provide the following information:

  • Name of outfit/group:
  • Which book/series/etc. is the outfit based on:
  • Name(s) of contestant(s):
  • E-mail address of the contestant or contact person:
  • Phone number of the contestant or contact person:
  • Do you need playback? Yes/No (If you don’t know yet, you can change this later)
  • Do you need microphones: Yes/No (If you don’t know yet, you can change this later)

Due to time limitations, contestants must be present and dressed at the masquerade venue at 5.25 p.m. so that we can start on time. Registration ends on 11 July.

For more information, contact the masquerade organizer Kisu at <>

And naturally you can hang around Finncon in costume even if you don’t join the masquerade!

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